Screen Renters

Tired having your credit score affected when applying to a property?

Well that won't happen with ScreenRenters! You're credit score will not be damaged or affected when you use ScreenRenters+Transunion.

It has never been easier and more secure to apply.

How to get started…


As a renter you will receive an email invite from the Landlord to start the application process.


Complete your rental application and order your tenant screening reports


Once you submit your application and Transunion screening reports, your landlord will be notified immediately.


Agents/Owners Receive a copy of all submitted reports.

Protect your Social Security Number

You no longer have to hand over your SSN to multiple third parties. ScreenRenters securely handles your sensitive information to generate your Transunion screening report.

Encrypted data

Your information is encrypted and safe and will never be sold to a third party, period.